Things I Said I’d Never Do

I am not a writer.  You’ll probably figure that out by the end of this post.  If I could be anybody, I would want to be Chondra Pierce.  At least she’s funny.  But, here I am nonetheless, writing this post for my new blog:  Aging Awkwardly.   Not a writer.  Not funny.  But, I can learn.  I do not consider myself to be an expert and I consider myself unqualified to write about anything.   The only things I considered myself good at were all left behind when I retired last summer.

I’ve never been in love with the domestic arts.  In fact, I always treated them with great contempt and disdain.  My mother and grandmother tried to teach me, but, I just wasn’t interested.  In fact, I had a list of things my mother did that I said I would never do:

  1. Grow my own vegetables.  Garden in any form.
  2. Can or preserve the vegetables grown in a garden.
  3. Use bacon grease to cook green beans until they were mush.
  4. Sew.
  5. Quilt.
  6. Knit.
  7. Own or use a cast iron skillet.
  8. Own anything made of double knit polyester.

Unfortunately, due to decreased income and copious amounts of free time, I have done a lot of items 4, 6 and 7.  I am happy to report that I still haven’t violated numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8.

So, what is Aging Awkwardly all about?  Like me, that hasn’t been clearly defined.   So, for now,  I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts about different parts of the middle age female journey.

Awkward means hard to handle; difficult.  Aging is hard to handle, and, it’s definitely difficult.  I’m not exactly embracing it.  But, maybe with help, I can find a place where I can tolerate it.

EJ Gipson




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